Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I get my news from campaign ads.

Did you know there's a gubernatorial election campaign going on in New Jersey? I admit, I haven't been following this too closely. I do know that we have a turd sandwich running against a giant douche. You could probably say that about most elections, but in this case, it's especially true. Seriously, Doug Forrester looks just like a turd sandwich, minus the bread.

The latest Marist poll shows that Forrester has pulled into a statistical dead heat with Corzine. Not too shabby, considering that just a month ago it looked like Corzine would win this one walking.

My initial impression of Forrester was that he might actually be a good conservative and cut some of the rampant spending in Trenton. Then he unleashed the cornerstone of his campaign - 30% in 3 years, guaranteed.

The 30% he is referring to is a 30% reduction in property taxes, which have gotten out of control in New Jersey.

Forget how comical it is that he's actually guaranteeing the reduction, like Home Depot guaranteeing that your new miter saw will last 3 years.

No, the big problem is how he intends to effect the reduction - a tax rebate from the State of New Jersey. This doesn't address the core problem - local townships spending out of control. In fact, if anything, this gives townships license to spend even more. Consider the following:

  • Township resident paying $5000 in taxes on a home assessed at $300,000
  • State provides a rebate of $1500, leaving the net property tax at $3500
  • Township officials see that their residents have a little more money to spend and raise the tax rate to tax the same resident $7143.
  • State provides a rebate of $2143, leaving the net property tax at $5000
  • There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza....

Even according to Forrester's own website, the money to pay for this plan comes from State revenues, ie. your income taxes.

So he's raising my income tax to reduce my property tax.

This plan actually rewards township officials for bad behavior. Doug Forrester's hometown West Windsor, of which he was mayor, is well noted for their high taxes and inflated budget. Townships spend this money on schools, parks, pools, pocket lining, etc.

So towns like West Windsor spend all this money, and their residents will get huge rebates. Meanwhile, responsible spending towns get very little. They all see their income taxes affected by the plan. The rebate is effectively a subsidy for irresponsible townships.

Property taxes could be the biggest concern among New Jersey voters. I'm just disappointed that they could be taken in by such cheap pandering.

My biggest disappointment in Jon Corzine? It appears he's paid off everyone in New Jersey except for me. Honestly, it's his money, if he wants to spend it on his campaign, then by all means.

Forrester's tax plan is bad enough all by itself for me to throw my puny support behind Corzine.

Does it pay to vote for Libertarian Party Candidate Jeff Pawlowski? It's not like Forrester or Corzine will win by 1 vote. I changed my mind. Vote Libertarian this time. I'd actually like it if he got enough votes to play the spoiler.

30% in 3 years, guaranteed baby!


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