Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kelo v. New London (read You v. Your municipality)

I was reading my favorite libertarian mag, Reason, this morning, and despite how much I knew it would infuriate me (and I don't really like being infuriated), I read an article on the latest developments Kelo v. New London. (The article isn't on their website yet, I'll cite other sources when needed).

The good news is that it's not all over. There could conceivably be some legislation or executive order from the State of Connecticut that could save the Kelo Seven. I'm not optimistic, though, given these horrid developments. I'm sure you know that the United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 to allow the New London Development Council (NLDC) to take people's homes and give them to Pfizer. But did you know this?

  • The NLDC gets to purchase the houses at 2000 market value.
  • The NLDC is attempting to charge back rent for the residents for living in their own homes.
    See Fairfield County Weekly for the full story.

HOLY FREAKING SH!T!!! Housing values have nearly doubled since 2000. So not only does the NLDC take your house, but they only give you half of what they say it's worth. Where are these people supposed to buy new homes? Does this meet any accepted standard of what the Fifth Amendment means by just compensation?

Could you imagine this happening to you? Somebody tries to steal your house. You fight them in court for 5 years. You lose. You get 1/2 of what your house is worth, less 5 years back rent.

Joseph Stalin, himself, just raised an eyebrow.

This whole process is like a Mafia sitdown. As explained by Henry Hill in
Goodfellas, if you wanna have a guy whacked, you had to have a sit down and you better get an ok. If you don't get the ok, they whack you instead.

If you try and fight the taker legally, you'd better win, or you'll be paying them instead. It's times like these that I wish I believed in God, because I could take at least some solace that these bastards would rot in hell for eternity.

I can't even continue. I'm too worked up.


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