Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yankees lose...the-e-e-e...Yankees lose

It would be more fun if the Yankees completely sucked, like the way they did back when their starting pitchers like Andy Hawkins were losing no-hitters, and their star player was Kevin Maas who hit 10 HR's in a month.

I'll settle for this post-season losing streak. Only because I know how much it gets to the Yankee fans.

Thank the Arizona Diamondbacks for finally telling the rest of the Major Leagues to stop being a bunch of wusses and stop being 'just happy to be here'.

Consider the 1998 San Diego Padres. So shocked that they actually made the series that not one player publicly made any mention about winning it. They were all just 'happy to be playing the Yankees'.

Playing for the Padres, Jim Leyritz, formerly with the Yankees, actually put Darryl Strawberry's number on his hat. You're playing the freaking team in the world series. Who are you trying to kiss up to?

Mike Piazza wrote an article in the NY Post after the Mets won Game 3 of the 2000 World Series (the only game they won). In the article, he said the series wasn't 'life or death'. No sh!t. Why trivialize it? Does it make it easier to lose?

Timo Perez is still playing ball and making $1 mil per year. Can you think of another line of work where you can totally suck and still make 7 figures?

Yes, I'm sure you can.

Too bad there wasn't some controversial play this year. Listening to Yankee fans call into WFAN in NY was so much fun. Yes, they're the Yankees, they should be allowed to cheat, right?

I'm taking a pool. Guess how many times the phrase "26 World Championships" will be uttered on WFAN. I'm guessing no less than 273 before noon.

Too bad I'm out of state right now. I won't be able to listen until the evening when I can pick up the clear channel. By the way, anyone outside of NY can pick up WFAN on 660 AM after sundown.

I love AM radio.


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